Self-Balancing Drink Holder For Umbrellas

We’ve all been there. It starts pouring outside, and you awkwardly fumble for your umbrella while trying to balance that steaming hot coffee in your hand. Not only does it lead to awkward and potentially painful spillage, but it also makes walking around a chore. Morella hopes to solve all of that by being able to attach seamlessly to any type of umbrella and its reliable ability to keep all of your beverages completely vertical. Its most useful feature is its patented balanced-pivot design, which means that you can bend, fold, or turn your umbrella upside down while your two cup holders always keep the drinks upright.

It needs your help to make it a reality though! Pledges start at £10 (~$17) for a set of 1 single-cup and 1 double-cup Morellas. Note that you have until April 11, 2014 to help fund the project.

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