Scan any Document on the Go with This Discrete Pocket Scanner

Scanners are great, but sometimes you need to scan something on the go. Most people, it’s safe to assume, aren’t willing or able to walk around with a massive 4-in-1 workstation or inkjet printer on their backs just in case they need to scan something. Well, that’s where Pup comes in.
Pup is a discrete and compact pocket scanner that let’s you scan any document on the go. Roughly the size of a large pen, Pup fits comfortably in your bag or jacket pocket, waiting for you within arms reach whenever you need it.

With Pup, you can scan your papers from the comfort of your seat and send them directly to your email box. You can even program Pup to send the document to different places and to store your scans based on your preference.


Using Pup is as simple as swiping the touch screen to the right setting, pressing the button to activate the laser guides, and clicking the scan button! In three simple steps, you’ve scanned and sent your document.





Pup is designed to work in any lighting and to touch up documents to make them look as neat and professional as possible. It’s just like using a full size scanner, but without the huge cost or weight!


You can even manage your scans and your Pup device from the Pup companion smartphone app!


Pup is available for $239 on Indiegogo!


Check it out below!

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