The Prepworks ProKeeper Set Is the Ultimate Way to Store Your Ingredients in the Pantry

If you’ve ever baked before, you’ll understand the struggle of trying to measure the right amount of ingredients when storing them in a regular container.
Sure, you could pull out measuring spoons for the right amount of sugar, but chances are, the average person just estimates and uses a regular spoon. And then there’s the struggle of trying to level out your spoon when you scooped out too much/too little.
With these 6 Prepworks ProKeepers that have silicone seals for airtight storage, you’ll never have to worry about these problems again.

Flour ProKeeper
The Flour ProKeeper features a removable leveller that snaps into the lid for easy storage. It holds up to 5 lb of flour.


Powdered Sugar ProKeeper

The Powdered Sugar ProKeeper has a removable dusting spoon and leveller that both snap inside the lid for storage. It holds a standard 1 lb bag of powdered sugar.

Brown Sugar ProKeeper

The Brown Sugar ProKeeper includes a terra cotta disk that can be soaked to keep the brown sugar moist. It holds a standard 2 lb bag of brown sugar.

Sugar ProKeeper

The Sugar ProKeeper features a flip-to-pour spout and contoured body for easy one-handed use. It holds a standard 4 lb bag of sugar.

Coffee ProKeeper

The Coffee ProKeeper features a UV-blocking plastic to preserve the bold flavors, as well as, a 1tbsp scoop that stores conveniently inside the lid.

Mini ProKeeper

The Mini ProKeeper is the perfect kitchen organizer for spices, herbs, candy and snacks. It features an included leveller and sliding dusting screen that is removable.

These 6 ProKeepers are a must-have in any kitchen home.

The set of 6 is available on Amazon.

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