Garden Genie Gloves Help You Get Down in the Dirt

We are slowly warming up weather-wise, which means gardening season is almost upon us!
I, for one, love gardening, but it’s annoying to have filthy hands or to get down on your knees only to realize you left the tool you need in the shed.

The Garden Genie gloves look like they dropped straight out of a superhero movie.
They are fully waterproof and are flexible to fit any hand. They are made of a natural latex and are puncture resistant to keep your hands safe. No more blistered or dirty hands.

But now, the best part. The claws! They have built in claws that replace your normal hand tools. You can dig, plant or rake with ease.

At the end of the day, the muck washes off easily.

You can order a pair for your own garden on Amazon.

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