Print Your Photos Directly From Your Phone!

Everything old is new again.
Polaroid cameras have come, gone, and come again. In their heyday, they were a fun, quick, and easy way to snap and print photos in a matter of seconds. Then came the more compact disposable camera. We traded instant printing for smaller size and a lower price point. Eventually came the smartphone and, now, we’re back to polaroids (but now it’s more of a “niche”).
Why chase the cycle over and over again when you can just use Prynt?

Prynt is a smartphone case/app duo that allows you to snap, edit, and print your photos instantly. Just attach the case, snap a photo or choose from your library, and print it in the Prynt app. Your photo will be printed out right before your very eyes!


Amazingly, Prynt requires no ink at all! With its specialty ZINK paper, Prynt’s photos come out inkless and smudge-free. They’re even available in a special sticker variety that lets you peel and stick your photo anywhere.


Best of all, every Prynt photo is also a video. Simply open the Prynt app, hold your printed photo in front of your camera, press the play button, and voila! – Prynt plays back a short clip from the moment the photo was taken. Ah, memories.


Prynt is only $149 and is available for iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, SE, and Galaxy S5.



See the camera in action below!

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Prynt: The Photo-Printing Phone Case