Poor Little Fish – A Sink That Will Raise Emotions

Convincing people to use less water when washing their hands isn’t quite simple, but perhaps playing with their emotions could do the trick. Designed by Yan Lu, Poor Little Fish is a sink designed to persuade consumers to save water in a very unusual way. A traditional fish bowl is right above the sink and when water starts running, the water level in the bowl starts receding until the tap is turned back off. The water coming out of the tap is pure, as it is from a different pipeline that doesn’t connect to the bowl.

Poor Little Fish is meant to create an emotional distress and stop the user from wasting, without necessarily harming the fish. The goldfish is never really in danger as the water in the bowl never actually drains out, and goes up back to normal when the water stops running.

However, I am not quite convinced that no trauma will be done to Goldy…