Perfectly Insulated Lunchbox Lets Your Kids Carry Hot and Cold Food Together

Packing a school lunch can be quite the circus act. You have to make sure it’s healthy, that it’s the food they like and most importantly that it won’t spill.
With all that to worry about, you probably never managed to hit all three check marks. Well, we can help you out with the last one.

OmieBox is the first leakproof lunch box that can store both hot and cold foods. It has a thermos jar that can keep food warm for 4 hours –that means soups, pastas and more!

The compartment is double walled and air insulated, meaning you can also store fruits and veggies in cooler temperatures. The handle on the top of the box makes for easy transport, meaning your kids can carry less in their tiny little arms.


It’s food-grade safe, BPA free and your kids will love the smart/fun design.


You can order them on Amazon in several different colors for $39.50.

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