‘Nameless Paints’ Want To Change The Way You Learn About Color

If you told someone one day that you were set to try and change how kids learn about color by using a set of ‘nameless paints’, people might look at you like you’re crazy. Unless you happen to be Japanese and a designer at the same time. The commendable efforts of designers Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki of Japan are geared toward changing the way in which people learn about color.
The paints in the set are simply identified by one thing — their color. Instead of names, the tubes are identified by one or more circles of color, with smaller circles representing a smaller portion of that primary color. The set goes on sale in Japan in October and will cost 1800 yen. So go ahead and relearn all the colors of the rainbow! Perhaps you may find a hidden and innate talent and become the next great painter.