Midnight Planetarium – A Watch That Displays The Movement Of Our Solar System In Real Time

This is far from your average watch. Van Cleef & Arpels‘ new astronomical watch is an incredible piece of design and craftsmanship. Besides the flying star that indicates the hours and the minutes, the Complication Poétique Midnight Planétarium watch incorporates the sun and its 6 closest planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – each represented by precious and semi-precious stones.
The movement of the planets in our Solar System is precisely represented – Mercury will orbit the sun every 88 days, Venus every 225 days, Earth every year, Mars every 687 days, Jupiter every 12 years and Saturn every 29 years. Uranus and Neptune were omitted since they would require 84 and 165 years respectively to make a single rotation on the watch face. At near a quarter of a million dollars, the price tag is no surprise when you consider the gemstones and the 396 parts that make this unique timepiece.



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