Measure and Cut all at Once with This 3-in-1 Contracting Tool

Measure twice, cut once; that’s the key to success in carpentry.
Well, now you can measure and cut with the same tool!
The MAXIMUM Drywall Axe combines the functionality of a measuring tape with the precision and handling of a drywall cutter. Simply flick the switch on the top to release the blade.

The blade is perpendicular to the tape measure, so you can be sure not only that you’re cutting in a straight line, but that your cut is made exactly where you want it.


Simply measure with the tape, then use it as a guide and stabilizer to make sure you get a clean, straight cut every time.



Just push on either side of the cut to snap the drywall in half!


The MAXIMUM Drywall Axe can be used to cut wood and other building materials as well. It’s also perfect to measure out gaps for fitting sheets of drywall. By measuring the gap and the drywall with the same tool, you can be double sure that your measurement is right on the money.


It’s made from durable die-cast metal and is equipped with a sturdy ABS rubber handle to maximize comfort and make for a more ergonomic feel.


Making horizontal cuts is a breeze with the drywall axe, too!


You can even insert a carpenter’s pencil, so the drywall axe will mark your measurements!


The MAXIMUM Drywall Axe can be found at Canadian Tire for $22.39 ($29.99 CAD)!


Check it out below!

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