This Air Mattress Inflates/Deflates In Less Than One Minute, Without A Pump!

Whether you’re out on the holidays with friends or just travelling on your own, you’re bound to eventually need an air mattress to relax on. A traditional air mattress takes quite a while to inflate. These mattresses will also either: need an electrical plug or need you to manually pump/blow them up. This is inconvenient for you and just straight up: exhausting.
Meet FUTO, the world’s ultimate mattress and pillow.
The FUTO mattress is a comfortable, durable and portable air mattress that has the fastest inflation system ever. In just a few swift motions, you’ll be able to inflate your FUTO mattress in only 30 seconds!




It does this using its four tubes that take in airflow. The tubes are evenly distributed the inflow and catch all the air around you. Just simply open the FUTO mattress and catch away.


The FUTO mattress is made with two high quality materials. The outer layer is made of Ripstop material with special reinforcing to ensure no tears or rips will occur. The inner layer is made of thick polyethylene that holds the air inside the mattress and offers it extra protection. With water and heat resistance, you can be sure it’s made to last. The strength and durability in FUTO can handle the harshest of conditions.




This twin XL size mattress can hold up to 650 lbs (4 adults) and holds air for a full 8 hours!



To get the perfect combination, pair it with the FUTO pillow, it possesses the same mechanisms of the mattress providing the ultimate air pillow.




You can get a FUTO Mattress + Pillow pack from Kickstarter for $99.

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FUTO Air Mattress + Pillow

Ultimate Air Mattress And Pillow That Inflates In Seconds