Let Your Dog Walk You with the Best Leash Ever

A dog is a man’s best friend. Why should their best friend be the only one leashed? The answer is: they shouldn’t. With the We Leash, the leash includes one handle for you and one handle for your dog. Allowing you to feel when your dog moves and your dog to feel when you move, it’s like holding hands with your dog. And who wouldn’t want to hold hands with your adorable best friend?
The We Leash is created by Jennifer Arnold who is a New York Times Bestselling Author and founder of Canine Assistants. She understands how important the relationship is between you and your dog which is why she created this product to make walks with your dog more interactive and joyful. When your dog doesn’t feel as restrained, they are more likely to be more well-behaved, making you, a happy owner.

The We Leash handle for your dog can also include an organic plush toy so that your dog can enjoy their walk by carrying their plush toy as well. If your dog doesn’t like holding a plush toy, it can also be unclipped from the leash, and the two lines will snap together like a regular leash. How convenient!



The We Leash is currently on Kickstarter, so if you want the We Leash today, be sure to check out their page!

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