The Leg Up Table Saw Lifter Lets You Lift Heavy Material Without Breaking Your Back!

Getting your material onto a table saw can be back-breaking and time-consuming. Even if you love home renovations, lifting all the material onto the saw can take all the fun out of your DIY project.
The Leg Up Table Saw Panel Lifter is designed to help you lift any large piece of material safely and easily.

All you have to do is place the bottom of one end of your sheet on the hook and flip the material onto the saw table—no more accidents or back injuries!

The Leg Up is a powder-coated steel flat bar that mounts to the table saw. The hook rests a couple of inches from the floor.

The secret is in the pivot point—it’s positioned relatively low, giving you enough leverage to easily lift and flip whatever material you need to cut.

Watch the Leg Up in action in the video down below!

If you want to buy the Leg Up, check out their Amazon page.

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