The Packable Kayak You Can Carry On Your Back And Fly With

Oh believe me, taking this thing on your flight to some remote and exotic location is not the only selling point of this revolutionary invention. The Pakayak is a packable hardshell kayak that you carry on your back or stow somewhere else other than the roof of your sedan.
Taking a 14-foot kayak and packing it down to three and a half feet isn’t the only impressive thing about the Pakayak, though it certainly makes it an attractive option if you live in an apartment or high rise. Being able to carry a kayak on your back or wheel it into an elevator or onto a flight is certainly convenient.



The patented clamping system means this can come together in a matter of minutes, getting you to the water in a decent amount of time. Watertight bulkheads ensure buoyancy and a dry kayak, thanks to their bomb-proof tongue and groove mating section and silicone seal. Their production clamps are rated to hold over 500 ft/lbs of force, so you don’t have to fear about your kayak coming undone.
The manufacturers refused to compromise on performance, so the Pakayak works just like a regular kayak and has the same steering and buoyancy. Pakayak just launched a Kickstarter, and you can get one for yourself here.




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