The Joseph Joseph Tri Scale Folds Down to a Compact Size for Convenient Storage

The Joseph Joseph Foldable Tri Scale is a portable food scale to weigh ingredients while you’re cooking.

To use it, simply unfold it from it’s compact folded state, and tap on the buttons under the LCD display to turn it on.


You can change the unit sizes to measure in grams, pounds, fluid ounces and even millimeters.

Once it’s on, simply add your ingredients to a mixing bowl you place on top of the Tri Scale and it will weigh it.

This is perfect for when you need to know the exact amount of an ingredient you put in.

When you’re done with it, simply fold it back up to it’s compact size and it can be placed in a regular kitchen drawer.

The Joseph Joseph Foldable Tri Scale is available in white/green and is on Amazon.

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Joseph Joseph Folding Tri Scale (White)