The Intelligent Pillow That Fixes Your Sleep

Sleep: we all need it, we don’t know what it does and we absolutely love it (most of us, anyway). We may not have a full grasp on how it functions or why we need it, but we’re slowly getting a grip on how to improve it. Take the folks at ZEEQ, for instance.
ZEEQ is a smart pillow that gives you the same level of sleep optimization as a multi-thousand dollar smart mattress would. ZEEQ is built with 8 wireless speakers that let you fall asleep to the music of your choice without disturbing anyone else around you.
On top of that, its ultra-sensitive microphone and built-in gyroscope will vibrate gently if you begin to snore above a sleep-disturbing decibel. This encourages you to change your sleep position and cease your snoring.

When it’s time to wake up, ZEEQ will vibrate you gently awake. With the Smart Wake setting, ZEEQ will monitor your sleep cycle and wake you up at the optimal time to avoid grogginess without letting you sleep in late.


ZEEQ’s mobile app can present you with statistics about your night’s sleep and it’s optional survey can optimize ZEEQ’s sleep settings each night before bed.


You owe it to yourself to get the best sleep you possibly can. It doesn’t take much to wake you up, but ZEEQ has the power to quash any potential sleep disruptions before they occur.



ZEEQ is available through Kickstarter right now for only $149. Check it out in the video below!

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