Helios Touch Panel Lights Are The Future of Lighting

Lights can be pretty boring. You flick them on, you flick them off. But now there’s a lighting system that acts like a canvas, with your hand as the paintbrush.
Using hexagon shapes that can fit together like a beehive, it ensures perfect interconnectivity.
Well, the brilliant people at Helios have borrowed both the structure and the shape of the beehive to design their customizable lighting system.
Helios are light panels that connect together with subtle magnets and mount flush to your wall -nothing sticking out. With Helios, you only need to brush your hand over the light to turn it on or off. Touch is the future of lighting.


With each light contained to a separate module, you can customize your lighting display. You decide how much light to have and where to have it without dropping an excessive amount of money on a dimmer switch.



The magnets that mount them to the walls also conduct the electricity from one panel to the next. Yet, you can still control them individually by touching the specific panel you want to illuminate.


Each segment is about three inches wide, so they fill up a wall fairly quickly.


You can nail them to the walls, which enables a heavier load bearing capability or use sticky tabs to avoid holes in the wall. Plus, it helps save the environment because it uses 7 times less energy than a standard desk lamp without losing any of the light.


You can get 5 Helios panels for $60 USD off their Kickstarter page.

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