Hammocraft: The All-In-One Hammock And Paddle Boat

If you’re into whitewater rafting, this probably isn’t the best tool for the job. In fact, the manufacturers are highly against it. But if you want to lounge on the water in the warm rays of the sun while relaxing in a hammock, this is definitely the thing for you.
Using two paddleboards as the floating base, a metal frame is strapped onto them creating a crude catamaran of sorts. A built-in and easy to use system allows for easy attachment and removal of hammocks, making it pretty compact storage wise. The frame itself is adjustable and easy to assemble thanks to its push-button connectors.
Handcrafted in Jackson, Wyoming, the entire setup can hold up to five hammocks should you want that many people swinging around on a lake or slow moving river, and the frame can be set up on dry land if you and your amigos prefer staying dry. All in all it’s a fun and unique addition to any outdoor space.

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