Glowing Plants – The First Step In Creating Sustainable Natural Lighting

What do you get when you cross firefly DNA with a plant? A glowing plant and the future of ambient lighting. Impossible, you might think. Have we got great news for you!

Glowing Plants are here. And they are here, for all of us, now! The absolutely ingenious Glowing Plants are here through synthetic biology, the work of dedicated scientists since 1986. Based on work from the University of Cambridge, using genome technology, DNA sequences are transformed and printed using Cambrian Genomics before being inserted into the target plants.

This is the future! Right here, right now and right in your home. Lighting causes as much CO2 as cars, and using this futuristic technology is one way of reducing our carbon footprint. Lighting our home environments with Glowing Plants is not just beautiful but forward looking to the future!

Choose from glowing plant seeds ($50), an actual glowing Arabidopsis plant ($100), a glowing rose ($150), or the maker kit so that you can genetically transform your own plant at home ($300). Pre-order here.

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