The Floaty Pant Is a Hands-Free Party Floatation Device That Lets You Sit Back in the Water

Have you ever been to a pool party where you’re trying to enjoy yourself with a drink in the pool but you can’t seem to stay afloat?
That’s why the Floaty Pants was invented. It’s a hands-free party floatation device that will keep you above water while you relax away.

Available on Amazon and on their website.
The Floaty Pants allow you to casually float in the water hands-free without being hugged like a life jacket would. Various designs on the Floaty Pants make it even more funny to wear such as: a sexy thong, a man’s Speedo, a plumbers crack, and more.

The Floaty Pants come in two different sizes: Medium and Large. The Medium is designed to handle people from 100-180 lbs while the Large is designed to handle people from 170-300 lbs.

The Floaty Pants are available for purchase on their website.