A Flexible, Durable Frisbee the Size of a Poker Chip

If you were around for the 90s, you probably remember how ubiquitous the flying disc and the footbag were. Both of them were particularly popular at college campuses, beaches, and public parks. Well, now the power of the flying disk has been combined with the size of the footbag to create the ultimate in tiny throwable toy technology.
Introducing the ZipChip – a throwing toy that’s smaller than a golf ball. Now, you can play a game of catch anywhere with a pocket-sized disc of rubber.


It’s super simple to use! It weighs less than an ounce, but can travel a whopping 200 feet!


Right now, you can get your very own ZipChip for just $9!


Can’t believe how amazing it is? Watch the ZipChip take flight in the video below!


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