FireWood – Relax To The Crackling Sound & Flickering Light Of This Desk Fireplace

Everyone loves the crackling sound of a wood burning fire. So why wait to rent a cottage to have an open fire or to be sitting in front of a wood burning fireplace to relax behind the flickering light and popping sound of a wood fire?

FireWood can simulate said ambience anywhere and anytime. That interior desk lamp is designed like a mini fireplace and reproduces the realistic sound and light of one. It can be used in 3 different modes. The Lighting mode that will allow you to set the lights’ intensity by a simple touch, the Outdoor mode that will let you keep the ‘fire’ going by blowing on it (just like you would do with a real one), and finally, the Music mode. Since FireWood doubles as a speaker, you’ll be able to connect your iPhone, iPod or any aux-compatible device, and play your favorite tunes while relaxing to the wonders of nature burning.

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