Finally Get Some Sleep on a Plane With Woollip, a Frontal Travel Pillow

Head on the window, head on stranger’s shoulder, head on knees, head on seat in front of you, toss, turn, toss, squirm. There’s not many comfortable ways to sleep on a plane. There was that U-shaped travel pillow, but that’s had it’s time. Now, finally, there’s Woollip Travel Pillow.
Woollip is a frontal pillow inspired by the design of a portable massage chair. It supports your head and upper body, so you won’t have a pain in the neck after sleeping on a plane, car, or bus. You can put the Woollip on the tray table in front of you and sleep face down, on the side of your face, chin up, or even place the pillow against a window. The armholes make it versatile for many sleeping positions and ensure that you will have a space of your own without having to fight for the armrest. Relax your shoulders and head into the pillow and drift away.
Just bigger than a smart phone when deflated and weighing about as much, the Woollip Travel Pillow is easy to carry and inflates with just 5 puffs. When travel time is done, it deflates in less than 2 seconds due to the large valve.

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