Une Bobine Holds Your iPhone In Any Imaginable Position

If you own an iPhone, you probably purchased many docking stations/mounts/stands trying to hold your phone at eye-level in your car, at the perfect angle on your desk or in an easily accessible way on your night stand. No matter the mount, it has to be physically laying or attached to something – the windshield, the dashboard, the desk… But what if it could hold anywhere in mid-air? You would finally get that perfect setup with your phone floating in the car or over your bed at the ‘right’ position! And that’s what ‘Une Bobine’ is all about. Designed by Jon Fawcett + [Fuse]Chicken, Une Bobine (or ‘A Coil’ in english), is a flexible metal cable that can charge, sync and hold your iPhone with enough strength in any imaginable position. Wrap it around any object, let it hold your iPhone over your desk or anywhere in your car. What’s also great about Une Bobine is that it’s long enough to give you the freedom to place your phone anywhere without limits.

Une Bobine has reached way over its 9.8K funding goal and will be shipping this July 2012. Pre-order yours today by pledging $25 (shipping free worldwide).

Watch how firmly Une Bobine holds the iPhone in the car:

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