Enjoy The Great Outdoors With This Wood Fired Soaking Hot Tub

Inspired by the Japanese Ofuro style of soaking tub, a couple of Canadians have come up with the perfect addition to your cottage, cabin, or even your own home. While designed to be a wood-fired hot tub, there was also consideration made to propane users, so a propane heating option is available for those who desire or need one.
The entire two-person setup includes some truly high quality materials. The main tub is composed of marine grade aluminum, locally harvested Red Cedar serves as the tub’s seating infrastructure, and a stainless steel pipe ensures it will get the job done without melting or warping.
By being designed for just two occupants, it saves on water and creates a very intimate atmosphere for you and your significant other. The process for using it is pretty simple, but differences in starting water temp can mean a wait of up to three hours. However, it is movable with the pipe and cedarwood removed, and the water can be used for several days. The rig is also safe to use with Epsom Salts, baking soda, and other mild therapeutics.




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