This Doorstop is as Useful as it is Simple

Doorstops can be a real pain in the behind. Some need to be pulled out by hand, some need to be wedged under the door, and others lay around just waiting for you to trip on them. Well, the Fantom doorstop is unlike any other doorstop you’ve seen before. It’s completely hands-free and sits flush to the floor
Designed to fit most doors, all you need to do is drill a whole in the bottom of the door and the floor, screw in the Fantom, and you’re good to go!


Built with rare-earth magnet technology, the doorstop stays completely hidden until the door passes over it, drawing it magnetically up from the ground and into the bottom of the door.


With such a simple design, there’s no risk of malfunction or damage from overuse.


The Fantom Doorstop is available for $21.00 here!

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