Daft Punk Helmet Replica

Just to make sure that you’re always Doin’ It Right, you should probably get yourself one of these Daft Punk helmet and full costume. They’re handmade, with love, by a normal guy from Mexico City by the name of Mauricio Santoro. He makes the helmets out of urethane plastic and gives them a beautiful chrome shine. The visor is tinted and comes with removable led lights which are programmable on any Windows computer with a USB. Chrome plated gloves are also included. They must be ordered by request and there may be a waiting time as they are made one at a time by one person. So request one now and you just might Get Lucky.

Mauricio Santoro now offers the ‘encore’ version, that look just as cool as the chromed helmet shown above, yet cheaper! It comes with gloves, balaclava and an LED scroller.

Daft Punk Thomas Encore Helmet – $300