The Cute And Useful ‘Bear Papa’ Ratchet Screwdriver

When it comes to screwdrivers, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new or revolutionary design. But why mess with perfection, right? They are functional, useful, ergonomic; they are tools and tools are supposed to work right, and are almost never, ever cute. Leave it to someone in the great wide world to make a set of ridiculously cute yet functional tools.
For those who have been longing for their screwdrivers to be made with a cuteness factor included, here is the purchase for you. The Bear Papa Ratchet Screwdriver is beautifully stylized and ergonomically designed, with a number of fittings sitting within the base of the bear and the ratchet screwdriver itself resting in the top. Along with being a fun way to store some ease-of-access tools about the home, its also a fun way to get the kids involved when seeking to hang a picture or fix a door on the weekend. A nifty and useful little item to buy or to gift.






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'Bear Papa' Ratchet Screwdriver