Create Your Own Style Of Furniture With SPYNDI Magic Sticks

IKEA, eat your heart out. No doubt at least partially inspired by their neighbors across the Baltic Sea, a company from Vilnius, Lithuania have come up with SPYNDI, a set of 60 handmade wooden pieces that can reinvent the chair as we know it.
Depending on how you slide the interlocking pieces together, you can create a generally straight line or an elegant curve. The result is a creative outlet for making the perfect customized chair, footrest, bench, or any other furniture piece you desire.
The designers were inspired by the human spine, and it certainly shows. There is a reflection of the flexibility and dynamic nature of the spine in the wooden pieces that can be adjusted to your personal liking. The product is made from all-natural wood, beautifully finished, and quite strong in spite of its seemingly thin design.
The pieces are easy to assemble and disassemble, and they come with a simple locking mechanism to ensure your creation doesn’t fall apart. Not only that, but by supporting this project you can also get a SPYNDI charm that is a key chain, bottle opener, phone stand, and piece of jewelry all in one. You will also help the planet by having your own pine tree planted in your honor.




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