Cook Dinner and Charge Your Gadgets With This Twig Burning Camp Stove

Forget about carrying fuel or expensive polluting gas next time you go camping. Forget also about big bulky stoves and smoky open fires as you try to set up your cooking platform. Go green and headache free with the CampStove by BioLite. CampStove is a portable wood (or twig) burning oven that will get you started instantly. There is almost no installation required to get your fire blooming. Simply throw dry twigs in the CampStove, light them up and turn the fan on to make them easily catch on fire.

You will notice a power module attached to the stove. You will only need to charge it before the first use as it powers the fan that helps you get your fire started. But it does way more! The power module converts heat from the fire into usable electricity to let you charge USB devices such as smartphones or LED lights while cooking dinner.

Watch how the BioLite CampStove works:

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