Cocoon Fires – Modern & Clean Ethanol Fireplaces

Cocoon Fires produce fireplaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. Designed by Federico Otero, the Cocoon fireplace series present an updated model of the classic modern fireplace. They run on bio-fuel, which means they are clean, environmentally friendly and smoke free – no harmful gases and suitable indoors!

The Cocoon fireplace series come in 3 variant designs. The Cocoon Aeris – designed to be mounted to the ceiling, the Cocoon Terra – a free-standing version of the previous one, and the Cocoon Vellum – a more circular model that need to be mounted to the wall. The Cocoon shell of all 3 models is made of carbon steel with a high heat resistant black or mirror stainless steel finish.

All Cocoon fireplaces are lightweight, approximately 60cm in diameter, and have an ethanol capacity of 1.5 litre, which will diffuse warmth throughout the room for up to 6 hours.

The Cocoon Aeris – Black ($2,990)

The Cocoon Aeris – Stainless Steel ($3,990)

The Cocoon Terra – Black ($2,600)

The Cocoon Terra – Stainless Steel ($3,600)

The Cocoon Vellum – Black ($2,900)

The Cocoon Vellum – Stainless Steel ($3,900)

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