CineBox Home 16×9 Backyard Theater System by Open Air Cinema

Entertain anywhere from 30 to 500 individuals spread out on blankets with the Open Air Cinema. It’s an inflatable ripstop nylon which comes in four sizes, 9×5, 12×7, 16×9, 20×11 depending on the audience you’re planning to entertain. It comes with a high powered air blower which will inflate the smooth, durable, and wrinkle resistant nylon almost instantly.

Turn your backyard into a Drive-In Movie with the complete theater system show above which includes:
– 16′ x 9′ Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen (220 Inch Diagonal Movie Screen)
– LCD Sanyo Projector
– DVD player
– An easy to use audio mixer which is compatible with a microphone, making the set great for any large event from weddings to family reunions
– Two powerful ten inch tall outdoor speakers for quality sound
– Electric air blower

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