Charge Your Phone Without Any Cables with This Wireless Car Dock

We’ve all been there—our smartphone charging cable either can’t travel the distance we need it to go or it simply isn’t working. And nobody wants to have a dead phone when they’re out and about.
Enter the Put2Go wireless dock. With this neat gadget, fussy charging cables are a thing of the past.
Wait—no cable? But how does the power get to your phone? Isn’t that why the cable is kind of important?


The dock’s designers use Qi power wireless charging technology—which charges devices twice as fast as regular cables. It’s compatible with any phone on the market that has Qi power technology.


And don’t worry if your phone doesn’t have it. The company will give you an adapter free of charge with your order, making every phone compatible with this amazing dock.



The Put2Go’s magnet is bumpy road-proof thanks to its rare earth magnet, which keeps your device secure.

This wireless dock isn’t limited to just home use—you can have one in your home and office, making this technology super accessible.


Check out these videos below to see the dock in action!

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