Brush Your Pet with Ease Using This Simple New Tool

Who doesn’t love petting their dog or horse? Pets go crazy for the attention and their soft fur is just so much fun to run your fingers through. You know what’s not fun, though? Grooming. Generally, animals don’t much care for bathing or brushing.
Well, there’s now a new way to combine the pleasure of petting with the utility of grooming – the HandsOn Gloves!
The HandsOn glove is an innovative new glove made of nitrile, PVC, and nylon with built-in nodules ideal for grooming and bathing your favorite pet. Each pair fits and feels like your standard rubber or gardening glove, but is designed to be gentle on the skin and fur. There is absolutely no latex in these gloves!

Each glove is covered finger to palm with nodules that, depending on your usage, can loosen dirt and other unwanted material from your pet’s skin and fur, massage their muscles, stimulate circulation, distribute natural oils evenly through your pet’s fur and skin, and remove shedded fur.


Because each pair of versatile and flexible gloves is gentle and fits the shape of your hand, your pet will love it. It’s almost like a super relaxing back rub!


The HandsOn Gloves come in small medium and large. Consult the sizing chart below for your ideal glove size.


The HandsOn Gloves are available on Amazon!


Check them out in the video below!

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