Amplifiear: A Hassle Free Sound Amplification Device for the iPad

If you own an iPad, you probably noticed that the built-in speaker facing to the back emits low-volume especially in open areas. You probably end up using your headphones to listen to it or some external speakers. But what if you could ameliorate your sound while keeping your iPad mobile by just making the built-in speaker better…

The Amplifiear does that. Its design improves the iPad’s sound without the need of batteries, cables or any bulky device attached to it. Simply clip the Amplifiear to your iPad and by the physical shape of it, it will amplify the sound without any distortion. It works perfectly with the iPad 2 and with the new iPad.

Help this project be funded! By pledging $20 or more (shipping is extra), you will receive an Amplifiear in your choice of Color: White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, or Orange.

Here’s how it works:

Where to buy