American Red Cross FRX3 – The multi-powered, multi-function radio by Eton

Being especially designed for the American Red Cross should imply a lot for a field radio. Aside from having a built-in AM/FM radio with auxiliary input for additional audio devices, the FRX3 automatically receives emergency NOAA weather alerts, keeping you notified and one step ahead. It features multiple light sources, including a bright LED flashlight, a red flashing beacon and a glow in the dark locator.

The Etón FRX3 will never let you down without power as it can be recharged in multiple ways. The internal battery can be recharged via the mini USB port, using the hand crank, or simply by sun bathing the radio and letting the built-in solar panel do the trick. You can even pop in a couple of AAA batteries if you’re in a rush. The FRX3 will also ensure that your personal electronics are never starving as it can recharge them via USB.

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