A Two Person Hovercraft

If you’re a Jackie Chan fan, you probably remember that scene in “Rumble in the Bronx”, where he tries to stop that enormous hovercraft as it continues its rampage on land. Well now, for just under $20k, you can have your own hovercraft, the Hoverjet GT, functionally similar to the one in the movie, just a lot smaller in size. A 36″ pulley-driven fan propels this two-person hovercraft on an 8″ cushion of air which can be driven over smooth surfaces such as ice, water, sand, mud, snow, and short grass at speeds up to 60mph! It can even climb mild inclines and travel short distances over asphalt, concrete, or dirt roads.

Watch the Hoverjet GT in action:

And here’s the hovercraft scene from Rumble in the Bronx in case you haven’t seen the movie:

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