7 Unique Tents That You Need For Your Summer

1. Tentsile Tree Tents – $250
Have you ever wanted to live among the birds and the monkeys in the rainforest? Well, with this tent you’re closer than ever.
trillium 2
With a simple triangular design, the tentsile trillium is infinitely rearrangeable and makes for an easy to assemble, light weight alternative to the traditional tent design.
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2. The Cave – $700
It’s almost universally acknowledged that the worst part about assembling a tent is the poles. Then again, who says you need poles?

The Cave is an elegant, polygonal design that requires no construction. Just inflate and go!
inflatable cave
Best of all, the inside looks like a spaceship!
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3. Canvas Truck Tent – $298
Sometimes, the best tent is one that you don’t need to anchor into the ground.
truck tent
Simply strap this bad boy to the bed of your truck and you’ve got yourself a fine temporary abode.
truck tent 2
Best part is, you know it’s sturdy. No amount of wind is going to lift this bad boy off the ground.
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4. Propel Trampoline Clubhouse – $144
Every kid wants a trampoline. Any kid that says they don’t is lying. The only thing they want more than a trampoline is a treehouse.
Bam! You’re very own bouncy flouncy clubhouse!

It’s the perfect setting for your zero-gravity sleepover!
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5. Camping Doughnut – Concept
Mmm, doughnut tent.
donut tent
While it’s still only a concept, it has recently been graced with a Spark Award. It’s also going to be configurable, so that you can twist it into a variety of shapes to suit your sleeping needs!
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6. Bubble Tent – $1877 (2 tunnels)$1495 (singe tunnel)
But what if you want to live in a plastic casing that would make the bubble boy blush?
With a little inflation, you can have your own pod bedroom that’s so stylish, you’ll forget you’re in the woods!

It’s the ideal locale for your nature-themed rave, too!


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7. Modular POD Tents – $625
But what if you want an infinitely arrangeable tent that combines the joy of camping with the fun of K’nex?
There’s a tent for that too! The Modular POD tent gives you multiple rooms, lending something that is sorely missing from the camping experience – personal space!
pod 2
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