6 Things That Will Forever Change The Way You Go Camping. #4 Is Genius.

1. The 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent

You can’t go camping without a tent, so to start off our list we’ve got the DECATHLON 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent. It’s incredibly quick to put together (if it’s name didn’t already give it away, it only takes 2 seconds to put together) and to take down as well. It comfortably fits two and at a comfortable price for your wallet too.

Sold here – $139.99
2. BioLite BaseCamp Stove

Now that you’ve installed your tent, you might want to take a quick bite to eat before you run off adventuring the wilderness (or whatever it is you do camping), so you’ll want to get the BioLite BaseCamp. This great product allows you to cook camp-fire meals and charge your devices all at the same time without the nuisance of smoke. We know. Awesome.

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3. WaveJet Kayak

Its easy to be the woodsman (or woodswoman) you’ve always wanted to be since you’re full of delicious campfire food and ready to explore. But since we’re guessing you aren’t as much of a woodsman as you’d like to be, here’s the WaveJet Kayak system. The propulsion device built into the custom kayak allows you to either pick up your speed or take a break as it does the work. It’ll be especially convenient when you suddenly realize kayaking is much harder work than you thought it would be.

Sold here – $3,799
4. Pressurized Solar-Heated Shower

Wether you toughed it out or gave into the WaveJet, chances are after a long day of paddling your way back to camp, you’re going to be sweaty and stinky. But seriously – that “outdoorsy smell” is seriously getting tainted by your stank. So just catch a quick shower (heated too!) with the Road Shower, a pressurized solar shower on the go. Use it to clean the mud off of yourself and off of your kayak or canoe too.

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5. The Original Round Pie Iron

You’ll also be pretty hungry (when are you not), so it’s time for a snack. Pie anyone? With this steel Round Pie Iron, toasting a pie over a campfire is no problem. Bonus: PANCAKES.

Sold here – $15.42
6. The Coffee Brewing Mug

Last, but definitely not least, it’s obvious those campfire pancakes won’t be the same without a fresh cup of coffee. Thanks to the HeyJoe coffee mug, the mug that allows you to brew a cup anywhere you go, that dream can now be a reality. It’s USB powered, so charge it up in the car or even with your BioLite BaseCamp if you took the plunge.

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Have fun camping! But we all know it would be even better if you shared this with your friends…

Or you could just stay home and enjoy the best part of camping, S’mores, without the nuisance of pesky bugs or the lack of toilets to bother you.

Microwavable S’Mores Maker
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