23 Creatively Hand-Shaped Designs

We love products cleverly designed, and there’s something about hand-shaped designs that caught our attention. Some will make you smile, others will freak you out, but all will awe you in some way.

Hand Pen Holder – $18.99

iPhone Hand Dock – $65

Talk to the Hand Sticky Notes – $5.17

Cast Iron Hand Doorstop – $30

Cast Iron Cigar Hand Ashtray – $54.99

Hand-le Door Handle – Concept
Produced by Pols Potten in solid aluminium.

Hand Holding Bulb Wall Lamp – $60

The Thumb Tacks by Handy Thumbs – $8.95

Hand Wrench by DesignMartus – Concept
Made of cast bronze

Hand Hammer by DesignMartus – Concept
Made of cast bronze and lace wood

The Waiting Hand – Operated Automaton Sculpture – $750
Handmade to order in England.

Hand Hooks by Thelermont Hupton – $145
The use of hands as a means of communicating emotions and messages is widespread and instantly recognizable. These hands grow from the wall in a series a familiar gestures portraying welcome, pleasure, farewell and indeed hostility to create wall art or somewhere for your coats to call home. Gestures represent: thumbs up, wave, shake, ok, up yours, point, peace and rock… You choose how you want to welcome your guest!

Peace Hook

Thumbs Up Hook

Rock On Hook

Ok Hook

Wave Hook

Point Hook

Hand Shake Hook

Finally, here’s an amazing collection of Hand Hooks by Areaware – cast from the designer’s hand, Harry Allen.

C’Mere Hand Hook – $65
The C’Mere hand hook can hold a coat, keys, or anything that needs a friendly hand.

Grab Hand Hook – $65
The Grab hand hook is a catchall for keys, change, soap, or any small thing.

Offer Hand Hook – $65
An offering hand that can hold anything you would like to share with your guests.

Bestow Hand Hook – $55
Made of resin and marble, it can hold either a glass vial for flowers or a stainless steel cup and serve as a candle holder.

Om Hand Hook – $65
The Om hand hook is for incense sticks and catches incense ash during use.