14 Cool USB Gadgets To Give Your Workspace Some Extra Oomph

We curated 14 of the coolest and most unique USB gadgets you probably didn’t know existed. No matter what your desk looks like, one of these can only make it better. They are not concepts. They all do exist and can be purchased. Just try not to break your wallet!

USB Toaster Hub & Toast Flash Drives

Shaped like a tiny toaster, this USB hub features 4 USB ports and an SD card reader…

USB Squirming Tentacle

Plug it into a USB port and it’ll start squiggling. Plug many in a hub and you’ll get some serious action!

USB Powered BB Gun

If you have declared war on your office mates, this mini USB powered sniper rifle could be just what you are looking for. It even features a built in camera…
details ($100)

USB Rocket Launcher

Cubicle warfare just got better! Using the included software, aim and fire missiles up to 6 meters away!

USB LED Fan Clock

Finally, you’ll be able to know the time while on a computer…

Airplane USB Mini Fan

Feel the cool air blow your way with this quirky airplane fan by Kikkerland.

Astronaut USB Light

Plug this next to the airplane mini fan, and you have yourself a complete lightning and cooling solution!
details$10.50source: €15.54

Bright Idea – The USB Lightbulb

A charming light to illuminate your keyboard and work area. It also glows in the dark!

Retro USB Beverage Cooler

Forget about cup warmers, here’s a soda pop can cooler!

Sauna Boy – Mini USB Powered Humidifier

Dry skin from the cold dry weather? This is the cutest desk humidifier you’ll ever find.

Warm Up Your Hands With Toast Handwarmers

Freezing cold in the office? A cute, yet effective way to keep your hands warm.

Hedgehog USB Feet Warmer

Keep your feet warm too!

Load Your USB Devices On The Battleship USB Hub

Now that you have so many cool USB gadgets, you need to plug them in style.

12 Port Mega USB Hub

And if you couldn’t resist and bought too many of them, here’s one USB hub that’ll hold them all!