10 Cool Gadgets To Make Your Office Fun Again

Unless you work at Google, offices are usually dull and boring, and as we spend most of our days sitting at our desk, we needed to come up with a set of gadgets that would make our office space more fun. Hope you like it!

buy from $19.99 Electronic Butterfly in a Jar

Tap the jar or make a little noise and the butterfly will start fluttering around in the jar. Watch the video. It looks so real!

buy from $68.24 Fascinations Levitron Revolution Platform With EZ Float Technology

Now that you have a magical electronic butterfly on your desk, what about adding a levitation illusion to the mix. The Levitron Revolution will float any object up to 12 ounces and slowly rotate it. You’ll get people calling it fake, but it’s simply awesome physics! Watch the video.

buy from $87.60 FireWood – A Desk Fireplace Simulator

If moving objects is not your thing and you rather have something relaxing, FireWood is the way to go. This desk lamp will simulate the crackling sound and the flickering light of a fireplace. You’ll even get to set the intensity of the fire by touching or blowing on it! Just make sure not to get too cozy and fall asleep at work.

buy from $37.87 USB Toast Handwarmers

Cold hands? We found the solution! These hand warmers might not be the most discreet way to warm you up, but they work, and they’re cute!

buy from $299 BANG! lamp

What about lighting up your office with a bang. Take the gun-shaped remote and shoot that lamp. It will turn off, and bend sideways playing dead! Shoot it again, it’ll stand up and turn back on. How neat is that?

buy from $45 F Bomb Paperweight

Time to get to work? Drop the f-bomb at your desk! Handmade in Utah with recycled steel.

buy from $11.47 Like & Dislike Self-Inking Stamps

Show what you appreciate and what you don’t!

buy from $15 BULLSHIT Rubber Stamp

If liking and disliking isn’t enough, this stamp will do!

buy from $19.89 Miniature Wooden Ballista Kit

If you’re in a cubicle and need to enforce peace, do no talking, make use of force.

buy from $39.95 The Desktop Onager

Or even more force.