Turn Your Phone into a Fully-Functional Laptop

The convenience of smartphones cannot be understated. Some say they’ve become an extension of our brain, but then act like that’s a bad thing. If anything, they help us compartmentalize and free up space in our minds for other tasks. They’re great, but transitioning from smartphone back to computer can be jarring.

The drastic shift in interfaces is bad enough, but add onto that the disparity between the contents of your hard drive and your phone, it really drives home the fact that they’re are two separate devices. Well, what if they didn’t have to be? That’s what the Superbook is for.


With a simple USB cable and smartphone app, the Superbook let’s you combine your laptop and phone into one mega device. All you have to do is plug your phone into the Superbook and bam! – The entire contents of your phone are waiting for you.


With a 10+ hour battery life, you can get the full desktop experience out of your phone. Don’t think of it as a replacement for your computer, but rather an extension of your phone.


It has an 11.6 inch display and is compatible with all of your android apps and features. But what if you replace your phone? Superbook’s software upgrades will keep it up-to-date with all the latest android phones. Getting a new phone is almost like getting a new laptop now.


The Superbook retails at $99, but is available through a special Kickstarter offer for only $85! Check it out below!

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The Superbook: Smartphone/Laptop Converter