The Replicator 2 – Professional 3D Printing At Home

MakerBot recently released the Replicator 2, an affordable desktop 3D printer capable of achieving high quality 3D models, up to 410 cubic inches in volume and at 100 microns layer resolution. With such precision, you’ll be making fresh professional-quality models, that don’t need sanding, right out of the printer.

The MakerBot Replicator 2 comes assembled and ready to use. Launch MakerWare or any of your favorite 3D modelling software and get started. 1lb spool of Natural PLA filament is included, and a variety of colors can be purchased separately ($43-$48 per kg).

The following time lapse shows the Replicator 2 in action, printing almost the maximum build volume at the highest resolution capability which ended up costing $33.60 of PLA yellow and taking 24 hrs to print – the longest a model should take.

Where to buy