The Hotel Artists Makeover Every Year

So you’ve traveled the world and every hotel room you stay in looks suspiciously like the last: same grimy carpet, same cheap furniture, and undoubtably, the exact same ‘painting’ as the last. Instead of reliving a Groundhog Day-esque hotel nightmare, why don’t you try staying in a work of art? At the french Maison d’Hôtes, Au Vieux Panier, the concept is exactly that.

Thanks to a team of ever-changing artists, architects and designers that are hired every year to do what they want with a blank hotel room, each room of the antique hotel is unique, fresh and never bland. If you’re planning to visit Marseille anytime soon, check out the temporary rooms you could stay in!

AVExciters – SKÖ

Thomas Canto – Parallaxes

Julien Colombier – La Loge Pourpre

Pascale Robert