These Soft Blocks Can Make Any Piece of Furniture You Want!

Modern furniture is great. It combines form and function, giving you a place to sit while also being extremely comfortable.
However, you can’t change it when you need to. If you have someone spending the night, they usually end up sleeping in awkward positions and wake up with back pain.
But LINA furniture is here to change all that. Their Moon cushions are designed to create any piece of furniture you need!

Good for indoor or outdoor use, you can customize the cushions to be lounge chairs, rocking chairs, makeshift beds, or even low tables!

If you have two or more Moon sets, you can even make your own sofas!


With 36 different colors, you’ll definitely find one that matches your home decor. And don’t worry about spills—the covers are removable and washable.



When you’re done with your Moon cushions, simply stack them and put them in a corner!


Check out the cushions in action in the video down below! Starting at $320, LINA’s moon cushions are available HERE.