Lockitron Lets You Control Your Home Lock Remotely

Did you ever need to grant someone access to your home without your presence? If it was planned ahead, you probably ended up hiding a key somewhere outside and if it wasn’t, it can be tricky. But Lockitron changes that.

Now wherever you are in the world, you can remotely lock or unlock your door, share access to your home with anyone, get notified if someone unlocks (even with if they use a standard key) or even knocks on the door! And if you’re the type of person always wondering if you did lock the door on your way out, you’ll be relieved!

Lockitron is even more. Thanks to the embedded Bluetooth 4.0 system, it redefines keyless entry. Now, as you walk towards the door, it will recognize you and unlock it automatically for you. And as you’re walking away, it will lock by itself.

Lockitron can be controlled with any smartphone via the mobile website and even with older phones through text messaging. And unlike regular keys, if you loose your phone, you can remotely change the password – no need to go through the hassle of changing the whole locking system.

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