iXoost – An iPhone / iPod Docking Station Made From An Exhaust Manifold

These are quite possibly the manliest speakers in existence and you can use them to dock your iPhone or iPod.

Made in Modena, the iXoost dock station is hand-built with real aluminum by a real craftsman, uniquely put together with an exhaust manifold turned and milled using five-axis machines. There is close attention put into the acoustic details giving the iXoost exceptional sound quality unmatched by other iDocks. The idea behind iXoost is that “the sound of a 12-cylinder engine should be listened to just like a symphony”.

There are several exhaust manifolds to choose from that come from different makes of car such as Renault, Ferrari, Maserati, Bugatti, and many of them are a limited offer. Choose your preferred eight, ten or twelve cylinders exhaust, then continue changing it into your iXoost by choosing from a selection of colors and finishes.

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