Inflatable Floating Party Bar

You’re the only bartender at the Summer mixer and it’s really hot, so you’re itching for a chance to get in the pool. The solution? The Wave Floating Bar.

Finally, a pool toy for bartenders. This inflatable bar will keep the drinks going even after people have moved to the pool. Definitely a must have for Summer pool shindigs that is sure to make you the life of the party. Equipped with six pouches for your jigger, cocktail shakers, ice, garnishes, liquor, and mixers so you can utilize your full mixologist skills in the water.

Complete the floating party bar experience by pairing the Wave Floating Bar with the Wave Arctic Chiller ($19.99), and make sure beer and other bottled beverages are at your guest’s fingertips. Inflatable, portable and durable, the Arctic Chiller features a center section for ice and drinks, and 5-cup holders.

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