Google Introduces The Nexus Q – The First Social Streaming Media Player

Also today, Google unveiled the Nexus Q, a smart Android computer connected to the cloud and controlled by your Android smartphone or tablet. It pulls all of its content directly from the cloud. Using your Android device, you only control it — you don’t stream to it.

It is a social streaming media player as multiple users can connect to it and make it play media from their cloud account. Pick a song, a movie or a TV show on your Android device and it will connect to your library and stream. Everyone can jump in and queue the next song to be played from their own library. And as the action is flowing, monitor what’s going on the Nexus Q from your Android device in real-time. Multiple units can be installed throughout the house and controlled separately with unique media.

The Nexus Q is also available for pre-order today for $299 and will ship mid-july.

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